Endometriosis Facts and Complementary Therapies

What is Endometriosis? Enter the world of one of the most common gynecological diseases found in women today, and yet still awareness of this debilitating condition is very much low on the list of priorities worldwide, and as yet no cure has been found.

Because of the limitations of Conventional Medicine, more and more women are turning to Complementary Therapies, allowing them to take control of their bodies and life again. To know about the common facts about nutrition and endometriosis, you can check out various online sources.

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For many years now, millions of women have visited the doctor with various distressing symptoms, desperate for an answer to their problems, to be told its 'just cramps', and part of being a woman.

This has left women waiting for years in pain and discomfort, feeling helpless, not knowing where to turn, before the condition is correctly and eventually diagnosed and treated, by which time the disease has caused significant damage leading to infertility.

The Conventional Treatments available can reduce symptoms of endometriosis, improve quality of life, and in many cases restore fertility. Some of these can also have their side-effects.

There are also many avenues to explore using Complementary Therapies, which can treat the whole person, leaving the woman more in control of the situation, with more confidence and knowledge to seek and achieve what is needed to regain full health.

Complementary Therapies include

• Acupuncture

• Homeopathy

• Reflexology

• Yoga/Relaxation/Meditation

• Aromatherapy

• Herbal medicine

• Hypnotherapy