How to Paint Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures provide privacy and security. Styles and materials for these structures vary. This structure is also subject to high levels of humidity due to sparks and humidity. A new coat of paint durable epoxy may improve the appearance of the wooden pool enclosure. To get more details about pool enclosures you may check here

How to Paint Pool Enclosure

Step 2

Brush cracked and dimpled metallic paint with a brush. Paint flakes away as much as possible with coarse fur. Remove damaged paint with a paint scraper. Use a scraper to peel pieces loose paint.

Step 3

Sand the area around the paint peeling off with a piece of sandpaper middle class. Buff bottom edges to blend them with the surrounding surface.

Step 5

Paint your swimming pool enclosure on a dry, calm day when the outdoor temperature is high. If your pool enclosure with panels of glass or screen, the edges with a tape recording artist. stretching the plastic sheeting around the bottom of your cage to protect the rest of the deck and the pool of paint stains.

Step 6

Apply the first coat of paint over epoxy primer. Use thin layers to avoid drips. Then apply a second coat to give the best look Avoid splashing or spraying fresh paint to dry completely.