Two Things to Ask a Criminal Attorney in Erie PA

You have been arrested and now face serious felony criminal charges. Although you've never been in trouble before, you aren't sure what to do. 

However, you know that you didn't plan on spending Christmas in jail. Although you know that you need an attorney but don't know where to find them, you don't know anyone who practices law.

No matter who you hire a criminal attorney in Erie PA, there are some basic questions you should ask:

criminal attorney erie pa

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  1. Are you a criminal lawyer?

Many attorneys used to be "general practice" lawyers. They could be contacted if you needed a divorce, were in an accident or had any other legal issues. It is becoming more common for lawyers and law firms to concentrate on one or two areas of the law as the law has become more complex.

  1. What results did you get in similar cases?

You may have found an attorney who can handle similar criminal cases to yours, but you want to ensure that they have successfully handled these cases for their clients. An attorney who pleads guilty to all their clients to long prison sentences may not be the right choice.

Your decision about who to hire to represent your case in a criminal matter is one of your most important decisions.