Plumbing Maintenance And Drain Cleaning Tips

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a house. Some areas, like the lawn or the gutters, quickly show signs of problems. But other areas are a little subtler. An electrical circuit may not trip consistently so it is difficult to figure out the problem.

Or, the water in the sink may not come out with the same pressure it originally did. That is why a Nanaimo’s Best Drain Cleaning Service Provider like John G Plumbing maintenance program can encompass everything from good water pressure to drain cleaning.

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Just like humans go to see the doctor for a regular checkup, homeowners should have a maintenance schedule for their homes. The first step is observation. Several different appliances in the house are hooked into the water lines.

These could be the washing machine, dishwasher, and even refrigerator. Homeowners should pay attention to the areas around these for standing water or water stains on the wall every time they use them.

While the buildup on the supply side of the plumbing can take many years to become a problem, the drains can clog very quickly. Oil and grease in the kitchen can build up on the inside of the drain pipes, eventually trapping solid particles along the way down.

A good rule for homeowners is to scrape plates and other dishes into the waste can and then rinse with the hottest water available. The hot water will dissolve the oil and grease, keeping it flowing down the drain and out to the sewer.

There are even commercial products sold in stores that will clean the sides of the drains. The chemicals can adversely affect the bacteria that break down the waste in the septic tank.