Use Kickstarter To Fund Your Creativity has a success rate of 46% with 11 836 creative projects successfully funded in 2011. If you have a great idea but do not have the necessary capital, launched in 2009, has created a portal to bring together creative ideas and financial support.  You can get more information about promotional marketing agencies at

Creativity is an essential element for every project Kickstarter, but there must also be clear parameters for accountability. This framework is all-or-nothing funding to be realistic with your proposed budget is very important. If your project is not fully funded by the deadline set then you do not receive the promised funds. If your project is funded by the deadline then you receive all of the promised funds.

The idea is simple

  • Create a field for your creative project, product or idea
  • Determine the dollar amount of your project need to be successful
  • Remuneration arrangements for each "point promise"
  • Determine the timeline funding
  • The interactive watching appointment came rolling in

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This online platform gives you the ability to advertise directly on the internet and most importantly, do not lose your ownership in your project. Creating a great video takes work, creativity, and some digital video equipment but in the end when your dreams are funded suddenly become a small stepping stone. Demands attention with your Kickstarter video

  • Brainstorm many – choosing creative themes
  • Be unique – not just standing in front of a camera and talk
  • Use your friends and family – to review, critique, suggestions, talents
  • Tell a captivating story – it involves a lot of writing by trial and error
  • Search tool – a great video requires good digital video equipment and video editing
  • Take the time to get it right – you should be able to stir the emotions of your audience
  • Create at least one cameo – Your supporters will want to know who you are