Church of The Living God

The church of the living God is the center of all sorts of controversies and human opinions. Regardless of these, the home of God stays the most necessary area in the life span of a born again believer. You can click here to know more about christian churches

Church of The Living God

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1. Grace isn't misusing of divine associations.

There's so much debate on elegance in connection to the church of the living God. It is important to see that grace also involves liability, arrange and stewardship. The casual attitudes of Christians involving God's home on the grounds of elegance is a dangerous occurrence.

2. The church of Christ is sacred and blessed with his abiding existence.

The Lord Jesus drove those away who turned the church into a spot of merchandising. Yes, there are people who misuse their power from the church for private gains yet the church of the living God remains sacred.

3. An area of answered prayers.

The Lord Jesus drove away those who turned the church into a place of merchandise. We are aware that the Lord is a soul and omnipresent yet this home (the church) stays an area of prayer for all countries.

4. A place of relaxation, unity, and peace.

True peace abides at the church of the living God since his presence resides there always. The concept of peace and unity would be the newest in his church. The Bible says people who take this message from the church are lucky