How to Get Car Insurance In Ontario

People who recently bought a new car should apply for car insurance. Ontario law requires every car owner to have an insurance policy, otherwise, the person will be held liable and potentially face hefty fines and prison terms.

Often, buyers who are thinking of buying a new car are confused and don’t know how to get car insurance. Such people can start their search for auto insurance by getting insurance quotes from agents, or better yet, online. You can also take help from Ontario‚Äôs best car insurance quote online at Reith & Associates.

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How to apply for car insurance:

Once you have decided on a particular company, the policyholder can apply for an insurance policy online. For this purpose, the buyer can go to the same website fill out an application for car insurance and send it.

The insurance agent explains all the formalities to the insurance company. The agent will send another application form for the individual to fill out. The person must attach certain documents when submitting the form. It usually contains a copy of your driver’s license, SSN (social security number), proof of address, copy of job offer, proof of age, bank statement and salary slips for the last three months.

The person must have car documents such as car purchase documents, car loan documents (if any), etc. Choose the ideal company and ask an agent to guide them through the paperwork. The insurance agent then provides the application form and the rest of the process is the same as above.