iPad for Teachers and Students

Long-standing trends include lugging heavy textbooks from school to college. Either for homework or class assignments, one must carry heavy textbooks. The burden of textbooks can be eliminated with the iPad. 

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Australian primary school drives innovation and creativity with iPad - Apple (IN)

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This device is lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. Students can complete their homework and learn via interactive media. Teachers can use notes to replace textbooks and binders. 

Education Outside Classrooms

Each student's learning curve is unique and each learns in a different way. It is impossible to tailor the education system to individual student needs. One person's needs may be different from another. It is the tool of choice that makes all the difference, and the iPad is it. 

Students now have the freedom to choose how and when they want to learn. It is a great advantage to create an app that allows for personalized learning that meets individual needs. 

Students can contact teachers for additional guidance, outside of classrooms, and to form a community that helps them understand better. Teachers can offer guidance via iPad using video chat or any other media to help get the message across.


iPad is about modern methods of spreading education that is faster, more interactive, and with the added benefit of an updated curriculum. This mobile device is beneficial for all who wish to acquire education. 

The iPad app can be used to annotate PDFs and take notes, as well as record lectures.