Which Business Management Book Should I Read?

What is a good book for business planning? I skimmed and read as many business management books I could carry out of the library and came to the conclusion that there isn't a one size fits all business. The key to choosing the right business management book for you is to identify your needs and then choose the book that best suits them.

To help you choose a book, we created a comparison table of business plans. This is how the table looks.

Page design

This is how I feel about page design. Do I need to look closely? Is the book broken up into paragraphs and headers, or one big stream of text? One rating means the book is easy for you to read and look at. Five means that the book's formatting is difficult to read and distracts from its content.

business management books

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The "Depth" category refers to the depth of the book's coverage. One means that the book provides great information about the topic, including how to read and make it. Five means the book is brief and covers only a few topics.

Individual subjects

A checkmark means that the book covers the topic. A dash indicates that it did not.

The following topics should be discussed: What is a Business Plan? Why make one? And what are its elements?

The plan's elements are then completed by the books. An executive summary, a business description, products or services, target markets, and competition are some of the elements.