Taking Bible Notes The Right Way

The key to understand is study starts with good Bible notes, and good study notes begin with finding critical observations while you read. All it takes is five minutes to learn and remember the Four P's:


Prayers are important, mainly because when New Testament Bible writers express prayers in their writing, they directly describe the issues that weigh most heavily on their hearts and minds. This means that prayers are one of the best ways to determine what a writer's main theme is. You can know more about the bible timetable with world history by browsing online.

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Purpose Statement(s)

A purpose statement is where a Bible book writer frankly expresses why he wrote a particular book. Sometimes this is more obvious to see in some books than in others, depending on the wording of the translation and the writer's particular style.


With prevalence, you don't want to limit yourself to the major themes that are repeated throughout the book. Instead, you must also narrow your scope to the repetitive words and phrases in smaller text sections.

Petition Verb(s)

How can you take several themes in a book, and narrow them down to the most important one or two? The answer is in petitions or petition verbs. New Testament writers didn't use the typographic tools you have today to bring attention to what they wanted to say in a letter. In Greek, however, the writers used special words to accomplish this emphasis. Today, they're called petition verbs.