Build a Survival Shelter When Lost

One of the best skills to learn is how to build a shelter to survive when lost. If you find yourself lost the ability to make the shelter can actually increase your chances of survival and rescue and keep you safe.

Before you start building a survival shelter, you will want to look for a flat dry location, ideally from the wind. It is important to put it in a location where you will be able to stay warm and dry as possible. You can use nylon paracord rope to make a survival shelter.

One of the easiest types of shelters to create is a slim-type structure. Because of the simplicity of it should always be in one of the first to be considered as the amount of energy you spend building was much smaller than with other types of shelters.

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A lean-to shelter really has only a few parts of it. The main part of the lean-to is a pole or rope you use to support the entire shelter. If you have a good piece of rope or Paracord, you can tie off cable between two trees.

Ideally, you would want them to be 6-8 feet apart so that you have enough space. You will want to tie it about 4 feet. You can make them higher but it will take more effort to create a higher roof you make your support.

If you do not have a rope you can do the same thing by using branches fairly straight and wedge into the v-shaped notch made when the trees grow new limbs. You will need to find a location where you have two trees that would work well for this so much better strap method when learning how to build a shelter to survive when lost.