Benefits Of Dog Training

In order for a dog to exhibit proper behavior, it must be trained. This is because dogs are not born with an innate knowledge of how to act in someone's home.

You can't merely tell a dog what to do and expect it to listen. You need to invest a great deal of time deliberately instilling behavioral patterns in the dog. The best way to quickly train your puppy/dog at home via

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This is achieved by providing rewards when the dog behaves properly and disciplining the dog when the behavior is less than adequate. This is the crux of basic dog training.

In terms of rewards, if you are training the dog to sit it would be best to give the dog a reward every time it does what it is told. A reward can come in many forms such as a food treat, a pat on the head or giving the dog a cool toy to play with.

In time, the dog will realize that a reward might be forthcoming if it does what it is told. As a result, the dog will comply with behavioral requests in an efficient manner.

When the dog does not do what it is told, however, the dog needs to be disciplined. Unfortunately, many people do not realize what the difference is between discipline and outright cruelty.