Choosing Healthier Fast Foods

Fast food can be a healthy choice if you know what to look for. When ordering at your favorite eating places recall the guidelines listed below. And if you have the will to follow through, with little effort; You can be sure that fast food you choose will fall into a healthy diet plan.

Follow these tips fat-sense when choosing the fast-food alternative you:

Avoid the "value-size" portions that allow you to choose the parts that are greater than food prices somewhat higher. So that a smaller portion as ala 'carte rather than a meal; or if possible, order from the kid's menu.

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Super-sizing food items as you would expect an increased amount of fat, added sugar, sodium, and calories you consume. Exclude the side that is usually fried. For a healthy side dish, order a side salad, yogurt, or a fruit cup. Use a napkin to soak up the oil if you can only order the fried items.

Find out the nutritional content of fast food items by visiting the website chain to find healthy options. Most restaurants have a table of this information or offer in the form of a pamphlet.

Choose a baked potato over fries, perhaps topped with vegetables. And try using fat-free cream or low-fat sour or regular margarine instead of butter, sour cream, or cheese.

Choose a sliced turkey or veggie sandwich. Consider a sandwich made of chicken or fish roasted, baked, or grilled. Again and again, it is a much healthier choice of breaded or fried, and usually significantly slimmer than meat used in most of the burger.