Stop Overpaying For Roadside Truck And Trailer Repairs

All sellers in our community are mandated to supply pre-determined, favored rates which are exclusive to Truckers Assist.

Additionally, you pay NO dispatch charges — you pay the service supplier for those repairs and services performed. Read more info about truck repair services, via searching online.

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Get Your Truck Back to the Road Faster Your phone is given top priority and support technicians are discharged within a quarter-hour and normally arrive in the breakdown place within 60 minutes of us getting your telephone.

Get Peace of Mind – their support is available 24/7 every day of the year and you may always reach a live breakdown expert, providing you peace of mind knowing that assistance is just a telephone call away.

What's more, vendor service prices are offered in advance before they're discharged to your breakdown place. Together with the Consistency of Service, you get exactly the exact same high-quality consistent support from Truckers Support everywhere in North America.

If a seller doesn't maintain at least a 4-star rating (on a 5 scale) over two or more occasions, they're suspended from their system before corrective action is accepted.

This permits them to give drivers and fleet using a consistent experience irrespective of where they want OTR support in the united states and Canada – causing tens of thousands of calls to get truck breakdown help from satisfied repeat clients.

This procedure was set up at Truckers Support since day one has been an integral part of their breakdown support service.