Skills To Look For Before Choosing An Android App Developer

Today, creating highly engaging, user-driven Android apps requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of different programming languages, tools, and technologies. In fact, designing your app with Android market fragmentation and different Android devices and screen sizes in mind is also essential to deliver a smooth and consistent user experience across all devices and screens.

And all these aspects make it necessary to choose an Android app developer who possesses all the necessary skills and abilities. If you’re looking for android app development services then visit

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Now, these are the skills to look for before choosing an Android app developer for your next project.

An unprecedented knowledge and understanding of Java and Kotlin:

Both Java and Kotlin are the two mandatory programming languages ​​for Android app development. And your developer should be comfortable using both depending on your project requirements. The developer must be able to use the latest versions of Java and Kotlin and must know the syntax of both. This is the first most important skill to look for when choosing your Android app developer.

XML understanding:

XML was introduced as the standard way of encoding data for Android applications. It is the structured markup language that shares many similar features with HTML, such as angle brackets, tag types, deep nesting of elements, and a few more. 

Having a deep understanding and knowledge of XML can help developers code efficiently to build application designs and maintain code quality. And this makes it essential to find a developer who has experience using XML to create application designs.