Signs Your Dog Is Anxious

More than fifty percent of pet owners have used CBD for some type of health-related challenge and many pet owners use CBD to help calm their pet’s nerves, whether it’s due to thunderstorms, fireworks, or travel. 

CBD may help maintain normal nervous system function and may be able to calm your pet’s nerves while promoting relaxation. 

CBD from may also support normal balanced behavior when addressing issues, such as compulsive licking, digging, or furniture destroying. CBD may support calmness when pets are exhibiting nervousness, discontentment, or responses to environmentally induced stress.

1. Running away /Trying to escape

Is your dog trying to get out the door every time it’s open? Does he or she make like a bolt of lightning down the street at any and every opportunity? This is one of the more challenging and dangerous ways a dog can express anxiety. 

Chasing after a dog who’s run away can also be dangerous if you must navigate the traffic of any kind, and dogs don’t necessarily know to avoid running headlong in front of cars. Be sure to exercise caution when chasing after your runaway dog. 

2. Cowering in a corner 

Unfortunately, anxiety isn’t logical for humans or dogs. It may help your pup if you put a blanket or bed in their favorite cowering spot, but that isn’t a real solution, which makes witnessing this even harder. 

Cowering for no explainable reason also means that there is less time for playing and cuddling if you can’t calm your dog down, which can be especially sad and frustrating. 

3. Digging 

Digging can be a compulsive behavior and is also problematic. This challenging expression of anxiety can range from annoying to dangerous. 

Digging can destroy lovingly planted gardens and costly landscaping, result in a dirty dog (and then likely a dirty house), and presents tripping hazards for the two-legged members of the household.