Should You Buy A Concrete Or Fibreglass Pool?

The purchase of a pool is a major decision financially and also personally. We at Newcastle Swimming Pools, are aware of the uncertainty you make between Concrete and Fibreglass.

The Benefits of Concrete Pools

Design Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages that Newcastle concrete pool owners enjoy is the ability to be shaped to suit any style. Fibreglass pools are available in pre-fitted molds, concrete pools can be made into any form or size you desire. Your imagination can fly when you have a concrete pool.

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Strength And Durability

Concrete pools are simply more durable than Newcastle fibreglass pools. They are so robust that you can anticipate customized concrete surfaces like tiles, painted surfaces and pebblecrete to last fifteen or more years of use. These types of surfaces provide a much greater grip underneath.

Benefits of a Fibreglass Pool


The most obvious advantage fibreglass pools possess is their cost. They are considerably less expensive to build as compared to concrete pools. A typical fibreglass pool weighs in at around $35,000. The typical concrete pool, however, will cost approximately $50,000.

Retains Far More Heat

The most common opinion among owners of fibreglass pools can be found that pools in their fibreglass are warm and they stay warmer! This could be because fibreglass stores more heat than concrete. Concrete is colder and requires a significant amount of time to heat up than fibreglass. Another crucial point to consider is that the concrete pool tend to be bigger than those made of fibreglass.