Sewer Lining Repair: Advantages of Repairing With Sewer Lining In Seattle

If you value your lawn and landscaping and don't like the prospect of digging your lawn to fix a broken sewer pipe, consider a trenchless repair through the sewer process. 

This involves inserting a probe into your sewer pipe, which feeds something like thread for the resin-dipped "spare" pipe. You can get more information about the best method for trenchless pipe repair via Flow Technologies Inc.

When removing the probe from the pipe, the resin-coated thread remains and, once dried, acts as a "pipe-in-pipe" and seals off any damage to your existing sewage pipe.

So, if major excavations aren't usually necessary, how can your repair company get there and fix the pipe in question? When repairing a damaged sewer pipe, two holes are drilled in the ground; one at the beginning of breaking and one at the end of breaking. 

It fixes pipes as well as traditional repairs, but doesn't do much for your yard. There are several advantages to using this channel lining method for repairs compared to opting for traditional digging and repair repairs.

Not only can you avoid the heavy digging required to remove and completely replace your old sewer line, you also save money by not having to replace concrete roads and walkways and reducing the risk of spilling into existing water or gas lines to access pipes.