Reasons Why Video Production Is The Best Method Of Advertising

Currently, about 37 percent of the web includes video production. Since the invention of cinema, this has been an effective method of reaching and influencing the audience in the form of advertising, the most widespread of which has been television advertising. The film over time has obviously progressed and adapted to work in today’s digital age.

Currently, sales of home digital video recorders or DVRs have increased and are making television commercials increasingly obsolete. With DVR, the viewer has the option to fast-forward through the commercials. 

TV advertising budgets have become an unnecessary expense because of these devices. This is one reason why many companies have shifted their focus to the Internet and online advertising. If you want to hire video production services then go to

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Important benefits of video production

A key reason it’s important to use video production in advertising is because it sells. That’s it. There are no other reasons. According to a study, customers are 72% more likely to purchase a service or product when video is used and their purchase decision is made faster. Once they watch a video, most potential consumers have a better understanding of the product or service.

Shared Video and DVD Business Cards

Eighty-nine percent of consumers review a video production when they receive it and 94 percent share it with family and friends. The industry suggests that reaction rates for video promotions are at least six times higher than for print mail-order ads. 

Video DVD brochures or business cards have a high perceived value, so they are rarely discarded as junk mail. Many people tend to hold on to them and give them to their friends. Most people might watch an entire marketing video just out of curiosity.