Reasons To Install A Wood False Ceiling In A Room In Australia

If you are thinking of installing a wood false ceiling in any room, there is no doubt that a wood false ceiling offers many advantages. Here, we give you some good reasons why you should install a wood false ceiling in a room:

• Sound absorption: The installation of suspended wooden ceilings offers a great acoustic advantage, as we can use sound-absorbing wood acoustic panels. These custom timber baffle ceiling fabricator in Australia is ideal for efficient and discreet echo control in the room.

• Hide cables: One of the main reasons people use false ceilings is so you can hide cables and pipes for different types of installations (electric, fibrous, thermal, etc.).

• Removable: Another great benefit of installing a suspended wooden ceiling is that it can be easily removed or disassembled for easy access to any cables or devices that are inside and need repair. It also allows for quick replacement of damaged panels.

• Wide selection of finishes: Hanging wood ceiling, a division of Spigogroup which manufactures the Hanging Ceiling line, has a large catalog with a large selection and combination of finishes in melamine, natural lacquered wood, lacquer, CPL laminate, HPL and others .

Impact resistance and response to fire and moisture: suspended wooden ceilings are designed for maximum wear resistance and, depending on project requirements, can also be made from materials that have special fire and moisture related properties.

• Energy saving: By lowering the ceiling, the amount of air to be air-conditioned is reduced in cubic meters, while the airspace between the wooden false ceiling and the original ceiling provides heat and sound insulation.