Pink Himalayan Salt is Pure and Real!

Pink Himalayan salt is the salt of the highest quality. It has a distinctive pink color, which makes it look like fluff. It is one of the most precious minerals of the world, but its commercial use is limited to chocolates and sweets.

Though it is pink in color, Himalayan pink salt is not actually pink at all. Its a pale pink, which comes from potassium chloride. Sodium chloride is often used as a sweetener because it offers the sweetness without the sodium. This isnt the case with Himalayan pink salt, however.

Himalayan pink salt is mined in the Himalayan foothills of northern India, where the highest concentration of this salt is found. But the actual salt comes from deeper within the earth. This makes the crystals almost transparent and melts at a much lower temperature than sea water.

To crystallize the original salt, experts need to dip a drill into the ground and create an open area in the center. They then fill in the hole with water to melt the salt. Once the water has completely melted the salt, it is able to pour into a mold to form the crystals.

When the crystals are poured into a crystal form, they are fine enough to pour out easily. The result is perfect salt with the color and crystalline structure that you see in any table salt.

While many people have grown to love pink Himalayan salt, they still arent all able to enjoy it. Because the salt is mined so close to the earths surface, the crystals can crack under pressure. They can also shatter or become brittle.

If you are buying pink salt in the US, then you may be able to find other colors such as pink peach, soft light, and mocha. However, if you buy the real thing from the Himalayan mines, youll always be able to find the right color.

One way to make sure that you get the right color for your pink Himalayan salt is to be certain about the manufacturer. Look for a company that processes their own salt. This ensures that the salt that youre getting is pure.

Another way to ensure that your pink Himalayan salt is pure is to find a company that uses natural resources. When you buy salt from a company that doesnt use these resources, you are supporting a company that is draining precious resources. Pink Himalayan salt is sourced from the ground where the salt was formed, so its naturally pure.

One last way to guarantee that your pink Himalayan salt is pure is to check on the companys license. Certified salt companies dont have to pay expensive licensing fees. They are also in compliance with environmental and health standards.

As you can see, there are many ways to tell the difference between a pure Himalayan pink salt and the fake salts that are sold in supermarkets and discount stores. Dont just rely on the color alone!

To learn more about using real salt in baking and cooking, visit our online cookbook. You can learn how to use Himalayan pink salt, along with other foods that you can prepare with this kind of salt. No matter what youre looking for, youll be able to find it in our cookbook.