Install a Composite Door

This section is intended only as a guide to help an experienced tradesperson carry out the installation with the help. At least two people are needed to carry out the installation of the door because some parts are heavy. We do not accept responsibility for the doors of inaccurate or poorly installed.


Check the door before removing the old door to ensure: the correct size and open (left/right & in or Out) Lock & Lock function of a new door. Check if there is damage to the door or accessories that may occur in transit.  You can find composite doors at Afforde Doors.


Doors set must be mounted level and square to ensure functioning properly. Wedge the door frame into the holes in a square position and level. Frame fixings should be no more than 150mm from the top and bottom and no more than 600mm apart down the center of the door. Use Fischer fixings or other suitable stone screws to secure the outer frame.

Check the level every time repairing an installed. Make sure the frame is packed behind every repair and NOT over tighten the determination that could distort the outer frame and leave a different gap along with the doors and cause problems with the operation of the door.


No solvents or abrasive fluids should be used to clean the door. Warm soapy water should be enough to keep the door in pristine condition.