Information on Orange Wine


Orange wine has nothing to do with either the color or the use of orange fruit. It is in fact, all about the things that go behind the production process leading to the term skin-contact wine. Now, skin-contact wine is a white wine that is made by the use of different varieties of white grapes. Moreover, this type of wine is made with using the skin of the grape which is then fermented to receive the juice. During the fermentation, the color of the wine looks either golden or bright orange. One of the most interesting facts about this wine is that it has been existing for the past 1000 years and was popular in countries such as Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

The Taste of Orange Wine – Since, orange wine is made out of different types of white grapes, it all depends on doing a few experiments. For instance; Pinot Grigio is a type of orange wine that comprises of sweet and intense flavors of bruised apples. Moreover, orange wines come in different body levels that offer a rich taste of tannins and other flavors.

The Pairing of Orange Wine – Orange wine is known to pair really well when having with food. For instance; orange wine makes the taste of strong cheese an absolute delight. While having spicy meal such as Indian, Ethiopian and Persian cuisine makes the food more flavorful.

These are some of the things to know about orange wine. You can also consider visiting swan valley wine tours to learn more on such type of wine.