How Trucker Hat Is Different From Other Hats?

Trucker hats, unlike ordinary and traditional hats available on the market, are made of two different material. One is the plastic mesh as covering at the back and the other is a foam in front of the cap that stands stiff. 

It has a slightly curved extension at the front and protects much of the sun's face. Smaller triangular sections of the plastic mesh and a single large triangular piece of foam meet at the center and have a button on the top of the cap. 

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The baseball caps are made of fabric so as not to remain stiff. In addition, when a person perspires, sweat is easily seen on the edge of the cap. On the contrary, the trucker's hats are lined with a sponge that absorbs perspiration and dries easily, leaving no trace of dirty sweat on the outside. 

The plastic mesh has tiny holes that provide a lot of ventilation. These caps can be easily washed and dried and have the same shape and stiffness as before washing.

The back of the cap has a plastic adjuster that can be expanded or narrowed depending on the shape of the head. Thus, these are highly preferred hats by people of all ages and genders. 

They look good on almost everyone and give a rather intelligent look at the people who are seen wearing these caps.