How To Select The Best Glass Pool Fencing For Your Swimming Pool In Florida

The focal point of your property is your swimming pool and its protection is necessary to avoid unforeseen accidents. In many countries, pool fencing is required according to the country’s rules and regulations. 

There are several factors that need to be considered in choosing a fence, such as the height of the barrier, foot or armrests, the distance between the glass panels, the construction of the gate, and the distance between the ground and the base of the fence. You can also check how much does a Pool Enclosure cost? at Covers in Play from various online resources.

Pool owners need to be aware of the safety of others, especially children. There is a possibility that children may end up in the pool and accidentally drown because adults can’t always control them. 

The height of the pool glass railing should be more than 1.2 m so that children cannot enter the pool. Cages should be without footrests or armrests to prevent children from climbing over the fence. 

The vertical distance between the glass panes should not exceed 10 cm to prevent children from being pushed into the pool. The distance between the floor and the bottom of the fence should be less than one and a half inches to prevent children from sliding into the pool through the floor of the fence.

You can find many options for glass pool fences on the market. When choosing a glass railing for your pool, you have to make the right choice.