How to Fix a Hot Water Heater Leak

Hot water heaters don't last forever. When a leak is discovered, it's obvious there is a problem. Not all hot water heaters have to be replaced, however. Depending on where the leak is located, you may be able to repair the heater yourself. By following some simple steps, it may be possible to save both your hot water heater and your budget.

The first step is to access the leak and determine where it is located. Basically, there are two common sources for leakages. If you find the tank itself has a leak, then it is more than likely an internal problem related to a torn water heater container.

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The water tank is a closed container made out of glass. Should this be the case, the leak is not repairable and the tank should be replaced. If the leak, however, originates in the piping leading into or out of the heater, this leak can be fixed. It is probably coming from the piping and fittings.

Equipment can also be loose. Often, a change in the pressure release valve can fix the problem. It can be found attached to the side of the tank. It is most easily recognized by the attached handle used for manual operation. This valve can sometimes become cracked.