How much Pseudoscience is their in Podiatry?

PodChatLive is a once a week live show for the regular learning of Podiatrists which uses the Facebook livestream to reach their audience. Even though it really is largely viewed by podiatrists, lots of other health professionals as well see it. The livestream is hosted by Craig Payne coming from Australia as well as Ian Griffiths coming from the United Kingdom. The livestream is streamed live on Facebook then is later on modified and submitted to YouTube. Every live episode features a different guest or group of guests to discuss a unique theme each time. Inquiries have been answered during the stream by the hosts and experts through the livestream episode on Facebook. On top of that, there is a PodCast version of each live on iTunes as well as Spotify along with the other common podcast sources. They have gained a large following which keeps increasing. PodChatLive can be regarded as a good way in which podiatry practitioners can get free continuing education points.

One thing which may come through in every show stands out as the thinking in science and the challenging of those people who expose pseudoscience or junk science beliefs. PodChatLive even had one show devoted to the complete theme of bad science in podiatry. In that live the guest that they had on that week was the podiatrist, Robert Issacs in which they reviewed and discussed exactly why critical thinking was really critical in clinical practice and just how our biases impact logical thinking. Additionally, they reviewed exactly why it is so vital that you have the ability and want to query and review everything we go through and why this really is so fundamental to helping the entire profession of Podiatry. They also described the most popular logical fallacies and faults that occur in that thinking. They also presented the sorts of behaviours observed from some kinds of people in the profession when they're questioned or challenged and just how they respond to those concerns and challenges when caught out.