How A Digital Marketing Agency Sets A Price?

We all know that we can't do everything on our own when it comes to website development, designs, SEO, and other maintenance.

So the solution is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to do all that work and have a good night's sleep because you know that it's being handled properly and professionally. To find out the best eCommerce digital marketing agency in Malta, you can visit

Here are some solid examples of how most Digital Marketing Agencies do it:


This is perhaps the most common ground where things can be negotiated properly, so how does time make sense? When it comes to developing or creating a website and you hand them your plan or project, the first and most common offer would be paying them for how long it would take them to complete. 

Priced Per Project

The price will be depending on how good you can talk it out and how you can manage to negotiate and explain why it should be priced like this and that. This is great for small projects that should be done hastily without losing quality, but the money would be the qualifier.

Long Term Services

In other words, you will employ the agency for a long time and will negotiate the pay you provide them quarterly, biannually, and even yearly. 

This is ideal for those companies that are ready to invest in the online world for a long shot, but if you just have a website that can be managed by yourself but just needs some assistance for a longer period of time, better hire a freelancer than an agency.