Finding the Minimum Income to Pay Income Tax

 Income taxes are one of several means to collect taxes, but they’re one of the most controversial. Income taxes were first instituted in 1862, to help pay for the Civil War.

At the time, the minimum income to pay income tax was $600 per year. This minimum income to pay income tax is equal to about $13,000 in today’s dollars, but reflects a much greater quality of living.  If you want to get the best tax service then you can also look for:inheritance tax uk.

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 .In other words, the original income taxes were intended mostly for the well-off or the super-rich, and had a minimal effect in their lifestyles. With such a large minimum income to pay tax on income, the issue of income taxation was a little political matter.

Few people paid it, and people who paid it paid very little. Rather, most money was raised through tariffs and excise – people paid for the government by paying additional for the goods they consumed, while wealthy people (the people who paid taxes) earned extra cash from these protective principles.

Interestingly enough, exactly the exact same argument is being replayed today that carbon dioxide is getting to be significant. The minimum income to pay income taxes will keep creeping up thanks to middle-class tax deductions, but an increase in energy prices hits nearly everyone.

Superficially, the minimum income to pay income tax hasn’t changed, but beneath the surface, it is apparent that the minimum only keeps dropping.

The previous time that this debate was solved, it happened through the Supreme Court. They ruled that a direct taxation on earnings was unconstitutional, so Congress amended the constitution to make it viable.