Finding Gifts For Long-Term Care Patients and Hospital Patients

The right gift for long-term care and hospital patients involves a number of considerations: tight storage space, limited display space, and the need for comfort and beauty.

One option is to purchase small decorative boxes such as ring boxes, jewelry boxes, or keepsake boxes for nurses and hospital patients to put their rings, jewelry, and watches on when they can't be worn. You can also buy good gifts for patients from

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Too often these small items of value are tossed in drawers or placed on plastic sheets provided by institutional facilities for less attractive uses. Impressive and beautiful, these little boxes help patients find their valuables when needed and are great items to display in a sometimes gloomy setting.

In addition, art can have therapeutic value for long-term care patients and hospital patients. Studies show that nature images: reduce stress and mental fatigue, speed recovery from illness, relieve depression, reduce negative emotions, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and increase alpha brain activity.

Natural images dominated by water or trees and floral motifs can have a healing effect and make wonderful gifts for nursing and hospital patients. Florence Nightingale was one of the first to believe in an attractive environment for patients and said she had witnessed the sight of beautiful flowers that directly lowered the temperature!

Colors used in the art can also have therapeutic value. Warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) can be used to relieve depression and stimulate metabolism. Cool colors (green, blue, and purple) can help balance fevers, relieve fatigue, and promote relaxation.

When choosing gifts for long-term care patients and hospital patients, keep in mind that tight storage space, limited display space, and the need for comfort and beauty are paramount. Find a gift that meets all three of these needs and you're sure to love it!