Email Service Providers: A Brief Introduction

The E-mail service provider (ESP) is an organization that supports online e-mail marketing. Services include a template for the design of the message; management of e-mail addresses; spam control; Message archiving; and technical support.

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Why use E-mail Service Provider?

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Unless you are an organization large enough to have your own technical support for e-mail, there are several reasons for using ESP:

* An ESP will protect your message format, keeping intact for delivery to the target mailbox.

* An ESP will ensure that your e-mail through the wall spam protection from most e-mail systems.

* With ESP you do not need to know HTML code. You just work with plain old English language (or language where you want).

* An ESP offers a selection of design templates that are not available for most small businesses and not for profit organizations

* A list of offers ESP management and reporting, to help you keep track of your contacts and analyze their response to your letter.

* An ESP provides a filing system so that the reader interested and potential customers can read your e-mails before.

What should I look for in an e-mail Service Provider?

* Most of the ESP offers a free 60-day trial to get you started. There must be a way for you to test the provider without financial risk.

* Technical support is essential for the successful use of ESP, from the design template and list management for archiving and imaging.