Difference between an Attorney and an Accountant


An accountant is a person you hire when you don't want to deal with your taxes or tax planning or for that matter even business tax planning. Accountants manage your tax in such a manner that you end up paying minimal tax as possible and still manage to be in the good books of the tax department. Not only this, but you can also depend on them to take financial actions for you, help in increasing your assets and show you how and where to reduce and cut down on liabilities and also keep all of your financial information confidential. 

Whereas, on the other hand, a tax attorney, is a lawyer who has specialised in the field of tax law. Tax attorneys are professionals who have completed their law degree in taxation and accounting. Attorneys usually help you anticipate taxable estates for till the time of your death. That is if your estate exceeds a particular amount your heir will have to pay large tax of the value of the estate. The attorney helps plan a tactic to encounter this problem and stay below the taxable threshold. 

Also, in case your business is under audit, you want someone to defend you in the court of law before you end up losing everything you have. These situations usually occur when you've committed tax fraud. 

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