Canadian Biodiesel

Canadian Bioenergy Corporation is western Canada’s first and largest distributor of biodiesel, with unequalled regional experience in biodiesel fleets.

The company is active in:

  • Planning regional biodiesel manufacturing facilities in western Canada
  • Partnering with petroleum distributors to make biodiesel widely available in western Canada

Our principals have backgrounds in operations management, investment finance, and refinery operations. Our technical advisory team has expertise in oleochemicals, fabrication, and diesel technology, and is involved in day-to-day and strategic activities.

Our principals have a reputation for leadership in private sector “sustainable development” – supporting businesses that profitably meet their needs today without compromising the needs of future generations.

Accomplishments & Regional News

World Energy Alternatives LLC – Distribution Partner

Canadian Bioenergy is proud to be the master distributor in BC and Alberta for World Energy Alternatives LLC. World Energy is the undisputed leader in biodiesel blend distribution in the North America, and brings its extensive production and operator knowledge to biodiesel fleet use in western Canada.

Canadian Bioenergy and World Energy work closely to produce the best value for fleet managers, with reliability and quality for small fleets through the biggest.

British Columbia Fleets

Canadian Bioenergy pioneered the adoption of biodiesel in western Canadian fleets through a pilot study with the combined municipal fleets of Burnaby, Delta, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver, and Whistler.

This pilot included dynanometer emissions testing on heavy-duty vehicles in a controlled study, using vehicles representative of the fleets involved. The successful pilot tests have supported fleet managers in the decision to integrate biodiesel into the overall fuel supply contracts to enable use in 57 lower-mainland and regional fleets.

Canadian Bioenergy has established cost-effective terminaling and bulk distribution partnerships in the greater Vancouver area, and through our relationships with distributors, biodiesel can be delivered directly to fleets and individuals. Contact us at 604.780.5554.

Alberta Fleets

Canadian Bioenergy has been involved since March 2004 in a pilot project with the City of Calgary Fire Department, and building interest in other fleets. For biodiesel availability in Alberta, contact us at 604.780.5554.