Benefits Of Clone Vs. Seed

There are many benefits of marijuana clones. You can check various online sites to read more about marijuana clones. You can also click over here to know more about marijuana clones and seeds. The following are the benefits of clones and seeds.

• Ensuring genetic maintenance

• The cloned plant has the same THC and CBD ratio as the parent plant

• You can store a variety of favorite cannabis without limits

• Ensuring the gender of the female plant

• Know what you get by avoiding trial and error, which are expensive and frustrating for producers

• Harvest faster because clones have become plants and do not need time to germinate

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• In the early stages of development, branches are stronger than fine seeds

Of course, nothing is perfect, and using clones has some disadvantages. Unlike seeds, clones never develop roots, which can mean that mature cloned plants are not as strong as plants that grow from seeds. If the cut comes from a parent plant that has the disease, the disease is also transmitted to the branch.

In contrast to clones, seeds develop roots, which lead to stronger plants. The seeds are easy to obtain and are easily produced by themselves and do not contain pests or diseases.

Although plants that grow from seeds are similar to their parents, they show a slight change in properties.