Back Pain Products – Options For Treating the Excruciating Pain

Back pain treatment would vary depending on the biological facts of the individual and the prognosis of the disease. The individual factors include the age of the patient, the gender of the patient, the economic status, the health status, and the work environment also called ergonomics.

For patients, who are below 35 years, hormonal therapies and the use of back pain products prescribed by medics would be limited to avoid altering the hormonal balance. Similarly, most females may not be placed on pain relievers such as aspirin and meloxicam because of the likelihood of inducing the production of acids in the lower stomach and ulcers. This is also the case among women, who are pregnant and often contradicted against such products.

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Exercise tips provided in DVDs are the first option of back pain products. This provides relief to patients in the initial stages of development of such pain. This option may not, however, be practical for older people because of soft bones due to osteoporosis.

The second product that has been shown to work fast among most patients with such pain is Vitamin D. This is a supplement supplied in pill form that is taken at regular intervals for a given period. Vitamin D is a micronutrient that is required for chemical reactions that aid in the formation of bone.

The cells such as osteopaths require vitamin D for effective functioning. Lack of this vitamin is one of the contributing factors for such pain in most human beings. It can either be taken as a pill or can be consumed as food. Foods rich in this vitamin include fish and liver. The skin is able to convert the precursors of vitamin D in the presence of sunlight.