A Brief History of Door Knobs and Door Handles

Most people think that the door knob has been around forever. This is not the case. As a matter of fact, doorknobs, door handles, and even the cabinet handle is a fairly modern invention. Who gets credit for inventing them is not really clear.

The days without Door Knob

The history of "how to keep the door closed" technology goes way back. References to those already found in the Bible itself just read through it and you'll find references to barring on doors and gates. It can be said that wood or iron bar, is the precursor to modern-day doorknobs. However, the main use is to lock the door. You can buy these doorknobs online via sogd.no/product-category/dorhandtak or you can also go to a nearby hardware store to buy one.  

However, locks and keys are mainly used on the chest and not doors. Using the door lock did eventually chase but they are quite expensive at the time.

To open and close the door effectively people come in with hook-string. Latch String developed by poor people who, at that time, cannot afford to buy more expensive locks. But as the larger house, the latch-string and technologies bars jut become too big and cumbersome to be practical.

During the time of the Greeks, simple wooden hooks that are used to open and close the door. It can be considered as a door-closing technology first used a simple mechanism to keep the door closed. Archaeological studies, however, did not clearly prove that it was invented by the Greeks, no matter how clever they are.