5 Tips For Your Business Card Design In Dublin

Whether you’re meeting a prospect for the first time or at a networking event, your card is a key factor in making a good impression. 

These 5 tips will give you some guidance when it comes to redesigning your business card:

Information: The main purpose of Business Card Printing in Dublin is to facilitate contact with you. It only provides contact details that are absolutely necessary. 

For example email, telephone, cell phone, website, address, name, and position. There’s no need to provide a long list of services or postal addresses if your business has multiple locations. 

Brand: Business cards convey your brand by incorporating brand elements such as logos, colors, and fonts. It is very important that your card matches your other brand of material.

Size: Typically a business card size is 3.5″ x 2″ – meaning the wallet and cardholder are designed for that size. 

Paper: There are 3 things to consider when choosing paper for your business cards – weight, design, and finish. First of all, your card must be strong so it doesn’t rip or rip in your wallet or business card holder. 

Then you’ll want to consider the card design and what color and paper texture will best match the design. 

Lastly, do you want to think about the finish – uncoated, matt, or glossy is best? It depends on the designer and printer.

Design: The business card design itself should present your contact information as well as brand elements in the smallest space. This is why it is best to keep your designs clean and organized. 

A strong, yet simple and easy-to-read business card design presents you as a professional and understanding person.